High-quality masks for CPSD families and staff

CPS community members are organizing a bulk order of higher-safety KF94 masks (snug-fit with filters that trap more than 90% of particles but allow air to pass through). Bulk orders reduce the price and allow people to order small numbers to try, before ordering more. CPS students and affiliated adults in need may be able to receive them for free. (Ordering is also open to non-CPS affiliates with one pickup location in North Cambridge on Rindge Ave. Free masks are only available to CPS affiliates.)

Why KF94?

The key features of any mask are fit, filtration, comfort and price. Cloth masks can fit well but do not have high filtration and breathability. Flat surgical masks can have high filtration but, if not snugly fitted, unfiltered air passes around them. KF94 masks combine fit, filtration, and breathability and have few counterfeits. KF94 can be reused safely for at least 40 hours as long as not damaged; do not treat with soap or alcohol.

Ordering masks

We are still accepting orders until Oct 6. (Orders closed on Sep 7 for the first order. If you paid after that date, you might have to wait until the 2nd order comes in.) Masks can be picked up in any CPSD school (JK-12) or at a house in North Cambridge (on Rindge Ave) for non-CPS affiliates. Fill out the form below and pay by Oct 6 to join the order. You can also request free masks whose cost is covered by donations. You can also donate using this form even if you don't order masks. If you want to order the masks on your own, links to suppliers are below.

More information

Fill out this form if you would like to order KF94 masks, to request free masks, and/or to donate to cover the price of masks for others.