Bulk mask order is now closed

We are happy to report that we ordered nearly 50000 masks for about 700 families and staff, including around 10000 free masks. We are grateful for the tremendous support we have received from the school district, including Superintendent Greer, the family liaisons, everyone who donated, and all the parent volunteers across the district who facilitated order distribution. Together, we will keep our community healthy.

Right now we do not have new bulk orders planned, but might consider one again in early 2022 depending on CPS mask requirements and community interest.

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Want to order masks yourself?

Our masks are from Be Healthy and Kollecte. Both have offered us discount codes: at BeHealthy, use discount code CPS25 for 25% off; and at Kollecte, use CAMBRIDGE5 for $5 off an order of $70 or more.

Any KF94 from those sites would be a safe choice. The specific masks we used in our bulk order were:

Bio XXS 2-5
Bluna S 4+
Tiger S 4+
Blue 2D S 4+
Evergreen Cleantop S 7+
Evergreen Cleantop L small adult
Bluna Facefit L medium adult
BOTN L large adult

Here are photos of the child masks and adult masks.

These masks have been tested by Aaron Collins who is a mechanical engineer with a background in aerosol science. See his recommendations for adults and children, or watch his video on kids masks for 12 & under.

Why KF94?

The key features of any mask are fit, filtration, comfort and price. Cloth masks can fit well but do not have high filtration and breathability. Flat surgical masks can have high filtration but, if not snugly fitted, unfiltered air passes around them. KF94 masks combine fit, filtration, and breathability and have few counterfeits. KF94 can be reused safely for at least 40 hours as long as not damaged; do not treat with soap or alcohol.

Here is more information about masks and how to use them.

Contact: ordercambridgemasks at xyz.com where you should replace xyz with gmail.